Basement Finishing

Is your basement a dark and dirty "dungeon" that is piled high with clutter? Do you dread having to venture downstairs to find something? As house prices have risen over the past few years, more and more people, instead of buying a new house, are converting their unfinished basements into beautiful and bright living space - sometimes almost doubling the living space of their house!

Are you needing more storage space? We can build large amounts of storage space into your new living area! You'd be amazed at how much storage space is wasted by simply stacking boxes and clutter in the middle of a large room.

Perhaps your children are growing into their teens and you aren't comfortable with them spending so much time away from your home - the perfect solution is to create a safe environment for them to hang out with their friends. Your young people will be thrilled when you tell them the dark basement is going to be transformed into a game room for them!

If you have a home office and need more space, a finished basement is often the answer. No longer will your papers need to be scattered across the dining room table, and the filing cabinets that have been "temporarily" stored in the living room for the past few years can finally go away. You will be able to convert your current office space back into the guest bedroom while at the same time creating the perfectly optimized work area in your newly designed basement. A side benefit of an office in a redesigned basement is having a little bit of buffer between your life and work, all the while enjoying a short (10-foot) commute down the stairs each morning!

We have extensive experience with finishing basements, and are familiar with all the unique challenges (lighting, windows, proper drainage, etc.). Contact us for information about finishing your basement.

Unfortunately we don't have any photos available of our
completed basement projects. We're hoping to get some
photos and put them on the site soon...

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