Is your business growing? Or perhaps your church is looking to expand? We have handled a number of commercial projects - in fact, about 25% of our work is commercial construction.

When your job is on the line, it is crucial to choose the right contractor. We're happy to provide references from our past projects, and since the majority of our work is here in town, our references will be local people working at local companies.

Have you noticed other construction crews in town? Construction crews that you wouldn't want working at your business and being able to be heard (or seen) by your customers, or employees? That is one area where we are different than normal construction crews. As the owner of the business, I am also the manager, and I am almost always on-site during construction projects. I'm not the type of person that drops off a crew at various locations and then stops by over lunch, or worse yet, simply at the end of the day, to see how things went. I work alongside my crew, and the people I hire are professionals, professionals that I spend all day working alongside!

In the same way that residential construction has unique needs, commercial does as well. From the importance of an accurate job estimate, to the necessity of staying on schedule, not to mention the importance of staying "open" if you are having your current building remodeled. We have found that planning is key to the success of any project.

If you are thinking about a project - whether it be a new building or adding on to your current location, or anything in-between - give me a call.

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