Do you walk outside and notice peeling paint, and say, "WOW, has it already been eight years since we painted this place?" Maybe you don't have the time to properly paint your house right now, or maybe getting up on ladders isn't something you enjoy?

In the Midwest it's not easy to get a paint job to last 10-15 years (but that is something we do all the time). Paint companies have worked diligently and have made tremendous progress in the past decade to now offer paint with fantastic longevity.

There are primarily three reasons why paint jobs don't last 10-15 years:
    - Inferior paint
    - Improper house preparation
    - Deterioration of wood siding and trim

We at HomeWorks use the highest quality paints by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to provide the best exterior appearance possible. These paints are warrantied to last many years.

When it comes to the actual preparation and painting of the house: we have found the tried and true "old school" methods to be superior. We power wash the entire house, hand scrape any old or loose paint chips, replace all rotted wood with new wood that has been primed on all sides, caulk any and all cracks to eliminate air, then we brush and hand roll all primer and final-coat paint for a great seal to the wood. Yes, it is a little extra work but we would rather you call us back in 10-15 years instead of 2 years to have house repainted.

Color schemes and options are endless. All of our local paint stores are able to mix every color under the sun and with computer technology they can match your existing paint scheme. Give us a call to discuss your needs.




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